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Skyrim Mod Brings The Voice of Witcher 3's Ciri To The Game

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A recently released Skyrim mod has added the ability for players to use the voice of The Witcher 3's Ciri for their Dragonborn.

A crossover between Skyrim and The Witcher 3 might be unexpected to some players, but their settings aren't actually too dissimilar, so it makes sense.The modding scene has been the driving force in Skyrim's enduring popularity over the last twelve years.

While Bethesda has continued to port the game to every new platform, the modding community has continued to add huge amounts of content to Skyrim.

At this point, gamers can turn Skyrim into pretty much any type of game they want. One Skyrim player even modded their game to have Dark Souls-esque combat, bringing the combat of the base game out of 2011 and into the modern era.

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