Sega's new space-pirate shooter Hyenas is getting the sass to Mars

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Hyenas is a sci-fi, team-based shooter that is not at all what I was expecting next from the developers who make the Total War series.

Set in that most dodgy of times, the future, Hyenas is about pilfering relics of pop culture such as Pez dispensers, Mega Drives and Sonic The Hedgehog paraphernalia before tech billionaires who’ve colonised Mars can furnish their homes with it all.

You can be bemused at your own leisure by watching the trailer below. Your ragtag team of low-gravity robbing hoods resides in the Taint, a charming name for the fragmented remains of what was once Earth, destroyed by the zero-gee engines of billionaires’ spacecraft.

Teams of three hyenas compete against other crews to raid “spaceship shopping malls” called Plunderships – not starshops, bizarrely – that somehow contain a load of tacky merch from the late 20th and early 21st centuries.

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