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Rick and Morty's Weirdest Secret Explains the Dark Origin of Evil Morty

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The mysterious origin of one of Rick and Morty's most sinister villains has not been explored, but thanks to the comics from Oni Press, some light may have been shed on Evil Morty's backstory.

For a series set in a multiverse of infinite possibilities and happenings, Rick and Mortyis appropriately very weird. But no matter how strange and enigmatic things end up, eventually it all ends up tying together, bringing purpose to the purposeless and sense to the nonsensical.

Rick and Morty #31 and #33 feature a two-part story called «The Rick Identity» by Magdalene Visaggio and Marc Ellerby. The story reveals that Rick periodically swaps the minds of his family members for fun, a dark premise somewhat akin to how Morty ends up being eaten in the credits.

To fix this conundrum, Rick doesn't actually switch them back — because that's too difficult — he just tinkers with their minds so that they believe they've always been that character.

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