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Retro Platformer Frogun is Getting A Sequel - Hardcore Gamer

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We don’t get much in the way of a sequel or follow-up being announced so soon after the original’s release, but in the case of Frogun — the charming, retro platformer/collectathon hearkening back to the early years of the N64 and original PlayStation — it only took a little over six months for news to pop up.

And given how surprisingly fun a game with intentionally restrictive controls and mechanics was when we originally tried it out last year, more Frogun is no bad thing.

Developer Molegato returning to the blocky world of Frogun in the form of Frogun Encore. Featuring an expanded moveset as well as support for local co-op in the game’s main story mode, Frogun Encore is slated to release sometime later this summer for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Switch & PC.

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