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Rare co-founder now has to lick a 25-year-old chocolate BAFTA because Banjo-Kazooie won a poll

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Rare co-founder Tim Stamper vowed to lick a 25-year-old chocolate BAFTA trophy if Banjo and Kazooie beat Zelda and Link to become gaming's «Best Ever Duo»… so fans made sure that it did. «The Legend of Zelda vs Banjo-Kazooie – It's the greatest battle that has ever taken place, the might of Banjo and Kazooie against the legends of Link and Zelda.

There can only be one… but which duo will rise above all?» BAFTA teased in a poll earlier this week. Whilst BAFTA polled its Twitter followers to ascertain the community's favourite pairing, Stamper replied that «if Banjo-Kazooie wins, [composer] Grant Kirkhope and [Stamper] will lick this 25-year-old chocolate BAFTA» (thanks, Time Extension).

If Banjo-Kazooie wins <a href=«» https:>@grantkirkhope and I will lick this 25 year old chocolate <a href=«» https:>@BAFTAGames

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