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Rare Founder To Lick 25-Year-Old Chocolate BAFTA Following Banjo-Kazooie Poll Win

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The founder of Rare Entertainment Tim Stamper now finds himself in a sticky situation after Banjo-Kazooie’s big win against Link and Zelda to be named the best gaming duo by the British Academy of Film and Television Arts, resulting in the executive being forced to lick a 25-year-old chocolate BAFTA statue.

Stamper made a bold statement earlier this week on Twitter, vowing to lick the statue if Banjo-Kazooie beat out the beloved characters from The Legend of Zelda in a poll to determine the “best gaming duo.” After more than 6,500 votes, Banjo-Kazooie finally took the win, raking in just over 53 percent of the votes, leaving Stamper to follow through on his promise.

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The might of Banjo and Kazooie against the legends of Link and Zelda. There can only be one, but which duo will rise above all?” Stamper responded that “if Banjo-Kazooie wins, Grant Kirkhope and I will lick this 25-year-old chocolate BAFTA.” Fans were quick to remind Stamper of his promise, eagerly waiting for him to complete the challenge.

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