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"If you can't realise": Social media stands up against harassment of Minecraft streamers like Tubbo, amid Dream grooming allegations

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In October 2022, Dream was hit with grooming allegations, which led to him and his friends getting harassed, like Tubbo.The initial allegations led to several Minecraft streamers being harassed for not “canceling Dream” or ceasing contact with him.

While the allegations are still being discussed, it has not stopped people from blaming his friends.Twitter user “mcytvibes” took to social media to discuss this in a thread.

The user would highlight that several popular Minecraft content creators could have easily stopped associating with Dream.In October 2022, Minecraft superstar Dream was accused of grooming and pedophilia.

The accusations included a variety of screenshots and alleged evidence, which can be seen here.Though the streamer admitted that some screenshots in the post were authentic, he refuted the claims that he was a pedophile and that he was grooming younger members of his fanbase.

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