Resident Evil Fans Really Want A Code Veronica Remake

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Resident Evil 4 Remake's reviews are starting to come in, you can play its demo, and the full game launches this time next week.

However, some of you are already looking to what's coming next on the Resident Evil remake front, if anything at all. If Capcom does have plans to keep remaking older games in the series using the RE Engine, many of you are hopeful Code Veronica is the next game on the agenda.

Gonzito posed the question to Resident Evil fans on ResetEra and while the poll is still open, it seems incredibly unlikely the result is going to be swayed at this point.

A resounding 80 percent of you have made it clear you would love to see Code Veronica remade, but a number of you who clicked yes are unconvinced it will ever happen, or at least unconvinced that's where Capcom will be heading after Resident Evil 4.

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