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How to fix High Latency issues in Diablo 4

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A fair amount of players of the Diablo 4 early access beta have been getting very high ping in the game, leading to a fair bit of issues with latency.The delay seems to be ruining the experience for many good players in the community, and what makes it so very difficult to deal with is the fact that there is no permanent solution to the problem.As the RPG is still in its early access beta, performance issues will be there for a fair amount of time.

Unsurprisingly, lag and high latency are some of the more prominent problems players face.However, the community has come up with several temporary solutions to the problem, which fixes the issue to an extent.Hence, today’s guide will go over some steps to deal with the high latency problems in Diablo 4.As mentioned, as Diablo 4 is still in its early access beta, it’s bound to have a fair bit of performance issues that Blizzard will try and fix overtime before the game's official launch later this year.However, for the beta period, you can try a few things to deal with the high latency and server lag in the RPG.Wireless connection for any online multiplayer title is never advised.

Wifi causes a fair bit of lag between the game and its servers, so you must hook your system up with a LAN connection instead of going with the wireless route.It’s much more likely to stabilize your ping and reduce latency significantly, making your movements more responsive in Diablo 4.The issue could likely be with your internet connection; hence, to check for it, you can do some speed tests or check for packet losses on some of the more readily available websites.If you are facing packet loss, you can try and fix it by restarting your router.

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