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How to craft Master’s Touch Jewels in Monster Hunter Rise

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Monster Hunter Rise has an assortment of weapons, armor, and upgrades that players can craft from the carved bodies of slain monsters.One such item is the Mastery Jewel 2, which gives players the Master’s Touch skill.

When dealing critical hits, Master’s Touch has the chance to prevent loss of sharpness to one’s weapon. To obtain Mastery Jewel 2 in Monster Hunter Rise, players will need:Here are some quick guides on finding every ingredient required to create a Mastery Jewel 2 in Monster Hunter Rise.

Out of the four materials, Goss Harag Bile will certainly be the most difficult to acquire.Lazurite Jewels appear frequently enough, but the problem stems from how they’re obtained in Monster Hunter Rise.

It’s possible to find them in the environment (via lotting). However, the more lucrative option is completed quests and objectives of the 6-star and 7-star variety.The method of farming Lazurite Jewels is participating in Apex Monster Quests.

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