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How to complete the Destiny 2 Skydock IV Master Lost Sector in under a minute

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Daily Lost Sectors is one of the primary tickets for Destiny 2 players, especially when it comes to farming Exotic armor. With each reset, Bungie changes the daily Lost Sector to a random location, which can be either in Nessus, EDZ, Dreaming City or on the Moon.

Each of these activities can be done with a fireteam or solo. However, completing them solo allows a player to land an Exotic piece on a given day.

It can be a helmet, gauntlet, chest piece or leg armor. The game further prioritizes the one gear that is missing from the players' inventory, increasing its drop rate upon solo completion.With the ongoing reset, players can jump inside the Skydock IV located in EDZ and run both difficulties, including Master and Legend.To find the Skydock IV, you will need to spawn on the Sunken Isles waypoint located in EDZ.

From there, take the path to your right. A great way to navigate towards the Lost Sector is by taking out your ghost and following the purple "Lost Sector" icon.Upon reaching the entrance, you will see a separate activation banner that will ask you to select the difficulty of the instance you want to run.

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