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Elden Ring Player Who Has Beaten the Game Over 15 Times Creates Comprehensive Boss Tier List

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Elden Ring is a massive open-world game with no shortage of brutal bosses, both simple and complex, that continually challenge players throughout the game’s lengthy runtime.

One skilled fan has completed the game 16 times and gone the extra mile by compiling a vast Elden Ring boss tier list based on how enjoyable each boss is.An estimated 150 boss fights are scattered throughout the Lands Between, and despite their routinely punishing nature, fans have come to love the process of fighting an Elden Ring boss.

Some fan-favorite brawls include taking on the formidable Starscourge Radahn, the intimidating Malenia Blade of Miquella, and the lowly Tibia Mariner.

When Elden Ring launched in February of this year, both critics and fans applauded the game’s abundance of bosses, and it would be only a matter of time before fans began ranking these bosses in various ways.

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