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HBO's The Last Of Us Almost Altered The Original Game's Ending

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There are plenty of incredible moments in The Last of Us, but none are more impactful than the game's ending. Having just slaughtered the Fireflies and doomed the planet to a reality without a vaccine, Ellie questions whether Joel's comments about there being no hope for a cure are actually true.

Joel swears he's telling the truth, before Ellie says "okay" and the screen cuts to black. It's a very simple ending, but it's abrupt nature leaves us with the same sense of doubt and lack of closure that Ellie is feeling at the time.

The show ends in pretty much the same way, though that wasn't always going to be the case, as showrunners Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmann have revealed that they almost went with a slightly altered ending that would have been much less abrupt.

Related: It's Not The Right Time For The Last Of Us Part 3 In an interview with GQ (thanks Kotaku), Mazin explains that show director Ali Abbasi was "playing around" with the idea of a sadder, more drawn out ending.

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