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Following ‘The Last of Us’ and ‘God of War,’ here are 10 sweeping, epic games that need live-action franchises

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Some of video games’ best stories are headed to the big and small screen over the next handful of years, as Hollywood finally acknowledges the massive potential of the medium.Video games have been a strangely divisive topic for decades now, despite countless reports of their safety, and even of the health and developmental benefits to enjoying gaming in moderation.

Non-gamers, even if they don’t fall into the “video games are dangerous” camp, still tend to view the medium as childish and limited.

The reality is anything but. Video games provide a broad and nearly uninhibited creative opportunity for brilliant designers to tell expansive, impacting stories.

This has been reinforced, time after time, by some of the industry’s most popular titles, but stubborn nay-sayers are just coming around to the idea of video games as art.

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