Guild Wars 2 Adding a Final Fantasy 14 Mechanic to Improve Raid Accessibility

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Recently, Guild Wars 2 put out a Studio Update full of features coming to the game. One of the new game mechanics Guild Wars 2 is adding in an upcoming patch is an adaptation of a popular mechanic Final Fantasy 14 has been using for years.The new Guild Wars 2 system is called Embolden.

With this system in place, players entering a raid will get a small stacking enhancement that will increase their health, damage, and healing output, which increases more after each wipe.

The purpose of this mechanic is to make raids more beginner-friendly and approachable. Players will be able to deactivate the Embolden system from nodes inside the instance, and they must do so to be eligible for certain high-difficulty achievements.Guild Wars 2 is Coming to Steam, For Real This TimeFor players familiar with raids in Final Fantasy 14, this mechanic sounds a lot like the Echo buff.

This buff is used intermittently in the game, both to ease the difficulty of challenging solo and group content, as well as a stacking forgiveness buff in older Raids and Trials, similar to how the Embolden system works.The Studio Update mentioned plenty of other features coming to Guild Wars 2 as well.

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