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When is the release date for Final Fantasy XIV's Patch 6.18?

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Final Fantasy XIV has remained a top MMORPG title for several years, thanks to constant updates and expansions improving the game world.

The game's burgeoning population has placed a sizable amount of traffic on Square Enix's servers, but this is being addressed with the upcoming Patch 6.18.Arriving on July 5, 2022, Square Enix will roll out the upcoming patch.

This long-awaited update focuses on addressing server issues as filled servers and waiting queue times have been a part of the game experience for quite some time now.

Players will be able to spread out more evenly across the game's data centers through a series of fixes and incentives.In a Lodestone post on June 21, Square Enix divulged details on how it planned to address server and world congestion concerns.

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