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The Kingdom Hearts Team Helped Shape Final Fantasy 16's Combat

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Naoki Yoshida has revealed that the Kingdom Hearts team helped shape Final Fantasy 16's combat. Ever since the initial reveal trailer, it's been made clear that Final Fantasy 16 isn't like any other game in the series, going for character-action gameplay over the typical real-time action or turn-based approach.

Although many have compared this to Devil May Cry, some have also said that it resembles another action-heavy Square Enix series - Kingdom Hearts.

Related: Why Are Games Refusing To Learn From Final Fantasy 7 Remake? As reported by KH13, there's actually some merit to that claim, as Final Fantasy 16 producer Naoki Yoshida has revealed in an interview with The Washington Post that the Kingdom Hearts team has lent a hand in developing Final Fantasy 16's combat, with Yoshida calling it a "culmination of the company's past experiences".

During the interview, Yoshida said, "The Kingdom Hearts team at Square Enix has been especially helpful in contributing to those real-time combat and boss battles.

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