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Final Fantasy 16’s plot is about the fight to control magical oil

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Square Enix teased a smidgeon of information about Final Fantasy 16’s plot after first announcing the game in 2021, but a new Famitsu interview with producer Naoki Yoshida, translated by Aita Japan CEO and Twitter user Audrey, sheds a bit more light on what drives the people of Valisthea to war in the upcoming RPG.

Each nation is built around a Mother Crystal, a source of aether that Yoshida says is the Final Fantasy 16 equivalent of an oil well.

The continent is awash in this magical oil, and eventually, countries formed around each crystal. War breaks out when that supply starts drying up, but it’s not your usual war.

A country’s proximity to the aether, the amount of it available, and how they choose to use it shaped the culture of the developing nations and, more importantly, their views of the Dominants and the Eikons who dwell within them.

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