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Goat Simulator 3 gets bizarre tabletop crossover – but it isn’t DnD

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If you’ve been watching legendary board game Catan’s social channels over the past few hours, you’ll notice that the team has misplaced one of their beloved sheep.

Turns out that it has wandered on over to Goat Simulator 3‘s San Angora to become a playable character in the chaotic PC simulation game alongside Pilgor – not that I’d have noticed, I never, ever have enough sheep in Catan.

Rebranding temporarily to Sheep Simulator 3, Catan’s lost sheep will join Pilgor to celebrate her ninth birthday – yes folks, it’s been nine, gloriously wild years of Goat Simulator.

Time flies when you’re, well, a goat. The crossover goes both ways, though, as the GOAT herself will appear in Catan Board Game Arena and Catan console on the game’s iconic sheep resource card.

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