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Elden Ring Players Are Wondering Why The Greater Will Would Even Revive Dung Eater

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Elden Ring players are wondering why the heck the greater will would even revive Dung Eater in the first place, with one Redditor comparing it to being like asking The Joker to save Gotham.

One of the most notorious characters in all of Elden Ring is Dung Eater, an NPC that can be found at the Roundtable Hold next to a pile of corpses.

No one is really sure how Dung Eater got his name, as he doesn't exactly reveal it during dialogue, but it's theorised that it comes from him eating souls that are located in the butt.

It's a whole thing, trust me. Related: FromSoftware Is Not For Everyone As iconic as Dung Eater is and as interesting as it can be to theorise on how he got his name, Elden Ring players are starting to wonder what part he even has in the game's world and why the Greater Will would even revive him in the first place.

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