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Elden Ring Beat in the Most Improbable Way Possible

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An Elden Ring player has managed to beat the game in perhaps the most improbable way imaginable. Elden Ring has been out for a year, and some gamers have completed it in unique and interesting ways.

There have been instances of players using different items, such as a dance pad, as input devices in the past, with another player managing to beat Elden Ring without walking.The same has been true for the Dark Souls series and some other titles of the soulslike genre, as players have finished games in this franchise with unique rules and challenges.

As an example, one gamer managed to beat Dark Souls 3 using a one-button Morse code controller, and users can find other similarly impressive instances online.

Now, an Elden Ring fan has completed the game in one of the most improbable ways one can think of. Elden Ring Players Can Beat Godfrey at Level 1 By Using This Ash of WarA Twitch streamer named Pennek has finished Elden Ring with a blindfold, claiming it to be the world’s first blindfold speedrun of the title.

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