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Counter-Strike 2 Trademark Suggests New Game in the Works

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Counter-Strike has been on the shelves of PC storefronts since 2000, and has seen various updates throughout the past 23 years, including new games and content for one of Valve’s premier titles.

The most recent entry, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, has been here for almost 11 years; it’s seen various updates itself.Previously, we mentioned that Global Offensive recently had Source 2 move to its Pre-Release branch.

Interestingly,  within that code, a “Left 4 Dead 3” name was found, and once again, while that is no confirmation a third Left 4 Dead will become a reality, it’s strange to find in a Counter-Strike build nonetheless.

Earlier this morning, actually, information surfaced that Valve seemingly filed new trademarks related to Counter-Strike, and of them, Counter-Strike 2 is in the group.

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