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AMD Instinct MI450 Accelerators Allegedly Feature Brand New XSwitch Interconnect

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AMD's next-gen HPC accelerator, the Instinct MI450, is allegedly going to utilize a brand-new interconnect fabric.An internal email shared by HXL (@9550Pro) reveals that AMD might soon begin talking about its next-gen HPC accelerators.

Although the company has yet to launch its Instinct MI300 APUs which are scheduled for arrival later this year, the Instinct MI400 series is already being planned and will be powering next-gen data center and cloud platforms in the years ahead.As per the email, there are a total of three new products discussed which include Weisshorn, MI450 and XSwitch (and beyond).

Kepler_L2 reveals that Weisshorn is the codename for AMD Venice CPUs which will utilize the Zen 6 "Morpheus" architecture and be featured within the EPYC lineup.

These chips are expected around 2025-2026.Weisshorn is Venice.— Kepler (@Kepler_L2) May 25, 2023As for the AMD Instinct MI450, it will be part of the MI400 family that utilizes a future CDNA GPU architecture along with a combination of x86 CPU architectures.Considering how heavy AMD is going down the chiplet route, they will likely include multiple types of the same cores across the next-generation APUs which means that the Instinct MI300 is just a taste of what to expect from team red.

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