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Nvidia's shiny new RTX 4060 Ti GPU is already selling below MSRP

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Nvidia's shiny new RTX 4060 Ti graphics card only launched a few days ago. But some retailers are already offering it below Nvidia's official recommended price.

Before anyone gets too excited, the savings are pretty wafer thin. And, thus far, we've only seen evidence of below MSRP cards in Germany and the UK.

For now, the $399 US MSRP seems to be holding. But that's not gonna last, is it? Anyway, for the record you can currently grab an RTX 4060 Ti in the UK from Overclockers for £379.

That's a whole £10 lower than the official £389 MSRP. Hardly a fire sale. And the 4060 Ti remains thoroughly disappointing at £379.

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