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Charge into battle in Battlefield 2042 – Season 5: New Dawn, deploying June 7

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Get ready to squad up in an all-new season of Battlefield 2042, coming June 7. Prepare to show no mercy as Season 5: New Dawn* puts your squad front and center.

Experience the Battlefield 4-inspired Reclaimed map. Lead the charge to victory with all-new weapons, gadgets, and tools. Enjoy a plethora of improvements to Battlefield 2042, including the returning Squad Management system, a rework of vehicle loadouts, new weapon stations like thermal tech and heavy anti-air, rehauled Vault weapons, and a reworked version of the Hourglass map.

Keep reading for all the intel you’ll need to charge into battle this season! This landlocked European country is the setting for the Season 5 Reclaimed map.

In 2048, war descends on an abandoned industrial facility slowly being retaken by nature. Let’s take a quick look at the areas of particular interest to anyone deployed here: ● Looking for some serious vehicle combat?

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