AMD Radeon RX 7600 Reference Design Has Bad Power Connector, Fixed Variant Launching Soon

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AMD's recently announced Radeon RX 7600 graphics card caused much hype among mainstream gamers, especially given its reasonable cost.

However, it has come to light that the 6+2-pin power connector is causing trouble with the reference designs.TechPowerUP claims that the reference model of the AMD Radeon RX 7600 graphics card may make it difficult for the power connector to fit into the slot.

This is brought on by the backplate cover extending too far, which might prevent some of these power wires from passing through a little bump.Remember that the problem only occurs with the 6+2-pin power connectors often included with the power supply; other cables are unaffected.

Since the original 8-pin power cables don't have the bumps where the two pins are joined, they should be safe from this problem.

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