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All regions and points of interest types in Diablo 4

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As the launch date of Diablo 4 draws near, an interesting talking point is the game's world and all of its regions. Reportedly, it’s a much bigger world than fans of the franchise have ever experienced before, with several biomes and unique threats to experience.

But how much bigger is the world of Sanctuary?Unfortunately, players participating in this weekend’s preview won’t get to see the entirety of Sanctuary in Diablo 4.

The Fractured Peaks will be home to the upcoming test periods. If you’re curious about other regions in the world, look no further.Unlike previous games in this franchise, Diablo 4 feels far more alive.

The regions are connected together, but they aren’t linked to other parts of the world. Everything that players see will likely be brand new when it comes to the overworld.

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