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4Chan User Arrested, Thought Adding "In Minecraft" To His Threats Would Save Him

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If you go online and say that you're planning to harm a public figure or attack a public location, there's a decent chance that someone will take notice and contact the authorities.

So, in a bid to vent their violent fantasies while avoiding the police knocking on their door, some creative souls came up with a solution - just say "in Minecraft" at the end of the sentence. "I want to beat you up, in Minecraft," or, "I'm going to riot at the capitol until the government overturns the election results...

in Minecraft," See how it works? Well, actually, it doesn't work. In what might be the first case of its kind, a 4chan user has been arrested after he tried to pull the Minecraft defence, threatening to kill a Florida Sheriff.

Related: Let's All Laugh At Joe Rogan's Anti-Woke Comedy Club "Just shoot [Sheriff Mike] Chitwood in the head and he stops being a problem," reads a 4chan comment, made by a 38-year-old New Jersey resident, Richard Golden (thanks, New Daytona Beach News Journal). "Shooting Chitwood in the head solves an immediate problem permanently.

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