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@Kidfried I'm currently playing that as well, seems like I have been doing for an age. Quite like it but can't seem to manage more than an hour or so at any time.

How far are you into the game? @sorteddan Early still. Played only three hours or so, and I'm a slow player too. You? @Kidfried Maybe around two thirds to three quarters I think (save game says @70% but I don't know if that just counts the main game or also includes chests/secrets etc.) — According to the rarely reliable counter on the profile it says around 11 hours, though I feel like it should be higher. @sorteddan Adn what do you think?

What makes you not be able to play it for more than an hour? Edited on by Kidfried @Kidfried I honestly don't know. I like it but don't love it.

I want to enjoy it more than I actually do. The combat, exploration and story are all done well but it just doesn't click with me for reasons I'm not fully sure about.

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