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@colonelkilgore Just looked at my trophies and it appears that it was the Heresy chapter. I watched the chapter on YouTube and you are correct the falling stalactites was the chapter, I'm not very good at platforming games and can get all fingers and thumbs under stress.

Shame as I did like the game although I'm sure I didn't mean it at the time when I cursed the studio. Not playing at the moment right now but still in the process playing these for my Playstation 3.

havent played since December 2021 or January 2022 Assassins Creed Brotherhood. at the very end where I have to use smoke bombs to try to get away from a jazillion guards that are hunting me down Dead Space Star Wars Force Unleashed 1 Final Fantasy XIII Tales of Symphonia Chronicles.

was doing little bit of the beginning of Symphonia 1 while at the same time was starting Symphonia 2 to get used to the new main character in the second Symphonia game @XandertheWise I could never get used to the main character in the second game, so good luck with that!

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