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What happened to Artesian Builds? Tracking PC manufacturer’s fall from sponsoring big streamers to going bankrupt

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Artesian Builds was a relatively stable and well-to-do PC-making company for a prolonged period of time within the sphere of the streaming community.

However, in late-February 2022, some disconcerting details, coupled with comments from their CEO, led the company towards a downward spiral.Twitch streamers often partner with PC-making companies to give them the opportunity to produce content at the highest level.

Artesian Builds has had collaborations with multiple big-time streamers such as Mizkif and Adin Ross. However, it was due to their decisions, or more precisely, their CEO's towards the smaller streaming community that led to their debasement.The company over the last few months has not only lost their footing in the streaming community due to controversial comments made online, but has faced financial insolvency and tax evasion charges.

Presently, the company is auctioning its stock that's worth around a million dollars.Although Artesian Builds had stable relationships with streamers for a long period of time, CEO Noah Katz and his mismanagement is widely thought to be the main catalyst for their insolvent status.What started the free fall was a botched up give away back in February 2022.

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