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The Last of Us Part 1 Should Feature a Mode That Incorporates Left Behind Into The Main Story

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The Last of Us Part 1 has gotten people talking, and while not everyone is on board with the concept of a remake, those that are excited cannot wait to go back through the critically acclaimed game or experience it for the first time.

The new character models inThe Last of Us Part 1 will better match those in the sequel, while gameplay will be improved drastically so that it too is on par with The Last of Us Part 2.

However, Naughty Dog also has an opportunity to make some more minor changes.Alongside small story-focused adjustments that work Abby’s father into the narrative a bit better, as well as a new Trophy list for The Last of Us Part 1, the remake could give players an option that connects its Left Behind DLC to the main game.

While there should absolutely be an option to play it separately, something that Naughty Dog has already confirmed, it would be exciting to have a “full story” mode that makes all The Last of Us Part 1’s content playable in one go.The Last of Us Part 1 and Part 2: How The Remake Can Bridge Plot DiscrepanciesFor those unfamiliar with the Left Behind DLC, the brief story touches on Ellie’s first romance and the tragedy involving her girlfriend Riley.

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