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The Boys Season 3 Trailer Teases Victoria Neuman's Secret

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Does The Boys season 3's trailer finally explain who Victoria Neuman works for and what her ultimate goal might be?

From an electric fascist to an elastic phallus, The Boys season 2 dropped one major bombshell after another, but saved one mind-blowing revelation for a shocking ending.

All through season 2, a mysterious unseen supe went around assassinating characters by detonating their heads, building towards the finale's dying moments where The Boys revealed Victoria Neuman — an anti-Vought campaigner for supe regulation — as the culprit.

Audiences were left asking why an undercover supe politician would be championing an anti-supe agenda. More importantly, why was Victoria Neuman systematically slaughtering the likes of Susan Raynor and Alastair Adana?

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