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The best soil for farming in Dwarf Fortress

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Farming on soil is one of the core activities your dwarves must perform during your adventure in Dwarf Fortress. If you participate in the newcomers’ Tutorial portion of your playthrough, the game will introduce you to farming mechanics in the “Planting” section.

This involves taking seeds from your Wagon and sowing them on underground farm plots. Of course, you can also farm on the soil of the overworld, but the primary “dwarven” plants can only grow beneath the earth’s surface.

According to Planting’s tutorial description, the subterranean soil beneath the ground offers decent terrain for farming, but it is not “rich soil.” Related: What are Spiders for in Dwarf Fortress?

Answered Where to find the best farming soil in Dwarf Fortress If you continue reading the tutorial, the Dwarf Fortress’s farming instructions direct you to “dig deeper to find better soil.” As the tutorial stated earlier, farming can be done on loam, clay, or sand, all of which count as soil.

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