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Ten-Year Old RTC Bug Shows AMD Ryzen 9 7950X CPU Running At 6.3 GHz

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AMD Ryzen 9 7950X CPUs have a boost frequency of 5.7 GHz, so when a Russian gamer discovered that his processor had boosted to 6.3 GHz frequencies, it was found that a Real-Time Clock, or RTC, bug dating back to 2013 was afflicting the chip.

The glitch was problematic because the HWBot overclocking platform denied any benchmark test results completed in Microsoft Windows 8.Not only was Windows 8 present in 2013, but the same bug was affecting Intel's 4th Gen Haswell CPUs.

The bug was initially believed to have been eliminated by Microsoft, but ten years later, the same bug has made an appearance.

This raises the question of whether Microsoft did fix the glitch or merely found a workaround to "nerf" the slightly boosted CPU numbers.The reason that HWBot's platform denied any results from Windows 8 was due to the inability to entrust that both the CPU frequencies and benchmark scores were not altered as users would be able to make a 15% adjustment during tests, with Intel's processors being the most affected by the glitch.

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