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Superman & Lois Season 2 Narrowly Avoids An Old Arrowverse Story Trap

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Warning: The following contains SPOILERS for Superman and Lois season 2, episode 14. The love story between Jordan Kent and Sarah Cortez in Superman and Lois season 2 avoided a common cliché and frequent Arrowverse story trap when Sarah finally learned about Jordan's superpowers and secret identity.

In many superhero stories, the revelation that the hero lied to their loved ones about who they were frequently leads to resentment and, in some cases, friends becoming enemies.

Yet Sarah and Jordan showed more maturity in how they handled their relationship and tried to be more honest with one another than the vast majority of adults in the Arrowverse.

The young romance between Sarah Cortez (Inde Navarrette) and Jordan Kent (Alexander Garfin) pushed one of the most interesting conflicts of Superman and Lois season 2.

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