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Sony Significantly Scales Back Development of The Last of Us Multiplayer for PS5, Says Report | Push Square

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Update: Well, well, well. Naughty Dog’s statement came as a bit of a surprise earlier today but it seems like it was pre-empting a report from Bloomberg effectively suggesting the project is in the pits.

Extremely reliable reporter Jason Schreier cites four sources familiar with the release, and claims Sony has “slowed down development” on the title “as the creators reassess its quality and long-term viability”.

Schreier goes on to report that the project was scaled back during a recent evaluation, which we know also resulted in the closure of PixelOpus and the likely cancellation of Deviation Games’ first title. “A small group remains on the project while the company re-evaluates the direction,” continues Schreier’s report. “While the game hasn’t been cancelled, many of its developers have been moved to other projects.” That’d presumably include the company’s new single player title.

In the aftermath of the Bloomberg report, Giant Bomb’s Jeff Grubb weighed in on the topic: “All I've heard about this game is that it looks a lot like a studio's first live-service game, and that Naughty Dog wanted to do things its way, which maybe didn't bode well for Factions.” The Last of Us Factions was expected to be one of Sony’s flagship live service titles, a business model the Japanese giant is so obsessed with it purchased Bungie to help expedite its efforts.

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