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Sony’s Project Q is the wrong handheld for the wrong time

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The DualSense is my favorite current-generation default controller. I am a huge fan of handheld gaming. By rights, Sony’s just-announced Project Q, a handheld console that appears to have all the same features as the DualSense, should be right at the top of my hardware wishlist.

And yet I feel no warmth towards that little machine at all. That’s because Project Q is not actually a handheld console. It’s the latest and worst in a long line of “kinda handhelds,” a trend that I feel pretty lukewarm towards that started with the Nintendo Switch.

These are “handheld consoles” that primarily or exclusively exist to play home console games. They’re neat. I love my Nintendo Switch.

I’m sure I would love my Steam Deck if I owned one. But they don’t fill the same space as real handhelds in my mind. And Project Q is the worst offender yet.

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