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Sega Has Seemingly Confirmed The Colour Of Sonic's Hands

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The latest episode of TailsTube has seemingly confirmed that Sonic's hands match whatever colour his arms are, meaning that the current version of Sonic has tan hands.

For as long as Sonic the Hedgehog has been around, we've seen him sporting his iconic white gloves and red shoes. Now, 36 years later, we very rarely see the Blue Blur without his signature (and only) pieces of clothing.

Fans have wondered what colour Sonic's hands and feet are for decades now, and the latest episode of TailsTube might just have given us the answer.

You can stop Googling "Sonic's feet" now, you lot. Related: Remembering Sonic Mania's Best Surprise As pointed out by Twitter user DTBROS_YT, alongside seemingly confirming that all of our terrible original characters are actually canon, the latest episode of TailsTube has also given us some insight into what colour Sonic's hands are.

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