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Sea of Thieves Season 8 Release Notes 2.7.0: Faction PvP battles, Cursed Cannonball balancing, emissary warning, and more

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The release notes accompanying Sea of Thieves Season 8 were recently revealed and they cover gameplay improvements, outpost cosmetics, events, fixes and plenty more to further improve the player experience in the game.

A new season beckons Sea of Thieves players back into the treacherous waters of Rare's popular multiplayer title. Season 8 brings on-demand PvP between two factions that players can align themselves with, accompanied by the option to earn Allegiance, Captain Alignments, cosmetics and more.

A closer look at Release Notes 2.7.0 of Sea of Thieves Season 8 reveals that the gameplay improvements introduced Cursed Cannonball balancing, with various tweaks to the item in-game, and emissary warning, letting players know that becoming an emissary can make them a valuable target for other players.New hairstyles and beards have also been added to the Outpost clothing shop.

Players will also be able to unlock cosmetics across the new season with Twitch drops including both new and classic items. Rare has also added accessibility changes, fixes to issues and a list of known issues.Without further ado, here's the Sea of Thieves Season 8 Release Notes 2.7.0.Season 8 is currently live on Sea of Thieves for players to sail into.

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