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League of Legends leaks suggest the release of new Lunar New Year Ahri skin alongside the ASU update in January 2023

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On November 23, 2022, popular leaker Big Bad Bear suggested that a brand new Ahri skin is expected to come out in January 2023 along with League of Legends patch 13.1.

This skin will be tied to the highly anticipated ASU update for the champion.Apart from that, it will also feature under a skinline that will be themed around Lunar New Year.

Hence, it looks like fans of League of Legends will be in for a treat once January rolls around and season 13 officially launches.Obviously, if the Ahri skin is released, that will not be the only one.

Instead, Riot Games will probably include a few more champions as well to make it a complete skinline.Ahri's ASU in League of Legends has been under development for quite a while.

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