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Sea of Thieves Season 8: How to get Twitch drops

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A new season has arrived in Sea of Thieves and players have a lot to sink their teeth into. Season 8 has brought on-demand PvP battles with two factions going head-to-head in treacherous seas, a fresh Plunder pass, and plenty more.

Rare recently also revealed that Twitch drops for the new season are live for players to grab.Seasons in Sea of Thieves bring a plethora of new cosmetics and currencies for players to acquire along with major content updates that Rare adds.

Season 7 introduced the buccaneers to captaincy in the rough seas, with the option of buying ships and customizing them.This article provides a guide on how players can grab this season's Twitch drop.Twitch drops allow players to collect a bunch of cosmetics for their in-game characters and ships so that they can show them off to other pirates while sailing by watching special streams.

The system also encourages players to join and support the work of Sea of Thieves content creators on the platform.To get the Season 8 Twitch drop, players should do the following:Rare revealed that the latest Twitch drops will be available from November 23 to November 25 (10.00 am UTC).

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