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"That's crazy!" - Valkyrae shocked to see 100 Thieves content creator Peter Park receive a $30,000 donation

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In a livestream on November 30, 2022, YouTube Gaming sensation Rachell "Valkyrae" reacted to the latest OfflineTV and Friends video, titled "babysitting children in among us vr."A segment of the video showed Twitch star Peter "PeterParkTV" receiving a $30,000 donation from a viewer named VulpineRainbow.

Valkyrae first assumed the streamer received a $100 or $1,000 donation. Upon learning of the full amount, she called the 100 Thieves-affiliated content creator on stream and asked if the donation was genuine.When PeterParkTV verified that he received a legitimate donation, Valkyrae exclaimed:Valkyrae reacted to the latest OfflineTV and Friends video at the start of her livestream.

As mentioned earlier, a section of the 14-minute-long video featured PeterParkTV getting a massive donation. The generous viewer first donated $10,000, but the overall amount totaled $30,000.

The 100 Thieves co-owner tried to figure out the exact amount that the Twitch star received, saying:She then quickly hopped onto Discord and summoned PeterParkTV, who joined the voice call and revealed:Valkyrae was shocked after hearing the confirmation and responded:PeterParkTV concurred, speculating that the donor was an "Oiler from the old Twitch days":Timestamp: 00:32:08He then joked that he was waiting for the IRS to call him and disclose that he was involved in a "money-laundering scam":PeterParkTV went on to say that PayPal had locked his account and that he was unable to withdraw the funds:The conversation concluded with Valkyrae reiterating that the situation was "crazy." PeterParkTV added:The comments section under the YouTube clip featured a handful of fan reactions.

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