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Why the FIFA 23 Black Friday 100 Pack isn't worth it

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The Black Friday 100 Pack is a unique addition to the FIFA 23 in-game store and is only available until 1:57 pm PT on Saturday, November 26.

It has been introduced to the game by EA Sports in celebration of the festive season and is the most gigantic pack in terms of content.As the name suggests, there are 100 cards that players can find in the pack.

However, the tremendous amount of content also comes at a cost, and it's a lot. Fans will have to spend about 250,000 FUT coins if they want to obtain it from the store, which can be done only once.At first, players might feel that the Black Friday 100 Pack is well worth the investment, given its content.

However, there's a solid case to be made about why they should avoid it in the first place. Let's look at exactly what FIFA 23 players will obtain for spending 250,000 FUT coins.To analyze the pack, one has to check the possible rewards that FIFA 23 players will get.

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