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"That's so sweet": Fuslie gets surprised by Valkyrae, Miyoung, TinaKitten, and others during stream on 30th birthday

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100 Thieves content creator Leslie "Fuslie" was given a surprise by her fellow streamer friends Valkyrae, Wendy, TinaKitten, and others while she was livestreaming the countdown to her 30th birthday.The popular YouTuber was presenting her birthday stream, lamenting that she would soon no longer be in her twenties, when the content creator's friends entered the room with balloons and a cake with 13 candles.

After counting them, Leslie was overjoyed and rationalized that they had purposefully used 13 candles to indicate that she was still a teenager at heart.

She said:Blaustoise had a response to this and said:When the YouTube streamer was counting down to her birthday as the clock reached the one-minute mark, the fact that she was turning 30 dawned on Fuslie.

Asking chat to stop time helplessly, she said:Trying to make fun of the fact that she was no longer going to be in her twenties in a matter of seconds, she continued joking about her age:As the timer reached zero, Fuslie joked about breaking her shoulders as she finally turned 30:However, her sorrow of turning 30 was immediately vanquished after the entrance of several of her friends.As they all took their place at the back of the stream, Fuslie was handed the cake to blow out the candles.

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