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"I think it’s a high eight" - Tyler1 reviews God of War Ragnarok, says he didn’t like the game's story

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Twitch sensation Tyler "Tyler1" concluded his God of War Ragnarok playthrough on November 24. During the final moments of the stream, he took the opportunity to review the game and share his thoughts on various aspects of the title.The streamer began the conversation by stating that the game "wasn't that bad." He mentioned that he played God of War Ragnarok on the hardest difficulty and admitted that his gameplay experience was challenging.Tyler1 rated the game's music, graphics, characters, and story on a scale of one to ten.

He then provided an overall rating:The Missouri native shared his thoughts on God of War Ragnarok at the 16-hour mark of his November 24 livestream.

He started by saying:Tyler1 praised the game's music and graphics and gave them a ten out of ten rating. He then discussed the gameplay, stating that he was a "button masher" and gave it an "eight or nine out of ten."While discussing how weapon combos worked in the game, the Twitch star remarked:Timestamp: 16:52:00Tyler1 mentioned that Santa Monica Studio did a "slightly better job" of not reusing NPCs when compared to the previous God of War game.

However, he felt like they still recycled a lot of assets. He went on to say that he didn't like the game's story as much as the older God of War titles:The streamer recalled God of War 2018's epic fight sequence, which featured the game's antagonist Baldur.

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