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5 best Atreus skills you need to unlock first in God of War Ragnarok

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God of War Ragnarok is Santa Monica Studis' latest installment in the iconic action series. With Ragnarok, the team has made many refinements to the 2018 rendition, resulting in a familiar yet enhanced experience.

One of the many additions is skill trees for Atreus, who is also playable.While players will control Kratos for the most part, Atreus will still be an invaluable tool in making challenging combat encounters more manageable.

The following are some skills that can be unlocked relatively early. All players should achieve this feat. Note that some of the skills apply to Atreus only, while others can be used by Kratos too.Atreus possesses three distinct skill trees:It can be found under God of War Ragnarok's Archery tree for 500 XP.

Aiming and holding down the Light Attack button for a longer period allows unleashing an even more powerful arrow that increases damage and knockback effect than usual.

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