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10 best PC games of 2022

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2022 has been a fantastic year for PC games. It has seen a wealth of PC game releases across genres, from competitive shooters and MMORPGs to open-world adventures and platformer titles.Listed below are some of the most innovative and creative PC games to hit the market this year.Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the opinions of the writer.

The PC games are not ranked in any particular order.Genre: Indie open-world adventureStray is considered to be one of the biggest PC game revelations of the year.

It is an open-world adventure title in which players get to control a cat on the streets of a futuristic city where humanity has been wiped out.

The cyberpunk-themed, neon-lit urban sprawl is filled with sentient robots and AIs.Stray has a simple yet engaging plot where players have to reunite a lost cat back with its family.

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