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"I gotta get this story out ASAP" - FaZe Rain claims he has information that could 'expose' people, says the latter 'want to kill' him

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On November 30, YouTuber and prominent FaZe Clan member Nordan "Rain" took to Instagram to publicly share a five-part story.

The content creator stated that he had a feeling that he wouldn't be alive for "much longer," and that he needed to "tell everyone everything."The influencer then stated that he wants to get the story out as soon as possible and "expose everyone involved" for who they are.

An excerpt from one of his Instagram Stories read:In the next section of the Instagram Story, FaZe Rain stated that the information could potentially cost people hundreds of millions of dollars:He also shared a minute-long video, addressing the community.

Nordan confirmed that he was not under the influence of drugs, saying:FaZe Rain asked the community to place their trust in him.

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