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Trainwreckstv "leaks" details about his upcoming streaming platform: Says revenue split will be 95/5 in favor of creators

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Tyler "Trainwreckstv" has been hinting at making his own streaming platform for a while now, and if his recent Twitter post is any indication, this new venture is soon to become a reality.Tyler was one of the biggest Slots streamers on Twitch before gambling was severely restricted on the platform in October.

The streamer's last stream dates back to October 18 and is titled LAST GAMBLING STREAM ON TWITCH.Trainwreckstv took has taken to Twitter today (November 28) to reveal details about this upcoming platform, and "leaked" that the revenue split between the company and its partnered streamers will be an impressive 5% to 95% in favor of the content creators:Before the ban on and other non-US-based gambling websites took effect, Tyler was a highly successful content creator who streamed hours of gambling content.

In a clip from October, he even revealed that for 16 months of sponsored gambling streams, he earned a whopping $360 million.On top of losing such a lucrative offer, the streamer was also a major voice of dissent against Twitch for their policy change.

He also clashed on Twitter against Mizkif, who along with other major content creators like Pokimane, had started publicly calling on the Amazon-owned platform to ban gambling in the aftermath of the ItsSliker scandal.October 20 was the first time Trainwreckstv had concretely talked about starting his own platform, citing the need to protect the creator's interest in a market predominantly controlled by huge MNCs.Since then, he has repeatedly talked about starting gambling streams on a different platform than Twitch and tweeted yesterday about restarting his regular schedule.For all his talk about revolutionizing streaming, the streamer seems to be living

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